MTG Drafts

MTG Planeswalkers
MTG Thursday Drafts (ages 18+)

Pre-registration: 7pm, Event: 7:15pm

Cost: $13 / $16

Register: Here


Draft sets are by popular demand (that we have in stock)

We offer a friendly draft group ($13) with prizes distributed widely and...

Competitive Pod ($16) Pays out more prizes per player and only to 1st-4th place.


Friendly Payouts:

3 Wins: 100pts      2 Wins: 40pts      1 Win: 20pts      0 Wins: 10pts      Each Tie: 5pts 


 Competitive Payouts:

1st Place: 260pts      2nd Place: 180pts      3rd/4th Place: 120pts    5th-8th Place: You get nothing! Good day, Sir!

(For reference, 40pts = 1 Standard Booster pack; 1 pt ≈ $0.10)




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