KeyForge Events

Time of Triumph:

Tuesday Nights @7:00

Every Tuesday we will run a CHAINBOUND Event. 
If you win 3 or 4 games, your deck will gain chains, and potentially level up.

Solo Archon (Bring 1 Deck to play with)
$5 Entry Fee

Sealed (Open a new deck and play with it)
$15 Entry Fee

We will alternate formats every other week

2/19: Sealed
2/26: Archon
3/5: Sealed
3/12: Archon
3/19: Sealed
3/26: Archon

Click HERE to PreRegister

No experience necessary.
Please bring your own tokens.
You will need to have the keyforge app installed on your phone with an active account
(we need to scan the QR code to add players)

 PRIZES can include:
Metal Keys

Metal Damage Tokens
Custom Tokens from Play Bosco for Keys, Stun, Shield, Damage, Power, Ember, Chain Tracking, etc.
Promo Cards for Stun, Power, Damage, Chain Tracking

 Keyforge Resources

Keyforge Rules
Keyforge Organized Play
Chainbound Info

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