KeyForge Events

Age of Discovery:

Tuesday Nights @7:00

Starting January 2019 Tuesday night will be our regular night for Keyforge events.  Each week we will try a different format in a friendly tournament - no experience necessary. Please bring your own tokens.

Weekly Events: Play 1 Game

January 8: Archon Format (bring 1 deck to play with).  $5 Entry Fee
January 15: Reversal Fromat (bring 1 deck which your opponent will play).  $5 Entry Fee
January 22: Sealed Auction Format (Bid Chains for which deck to use). $10 Entry Fee

Prizes include:
Stun Cards
Power Cards
Metal Damage Tokens
Metal Keys

Monthly Events:

January 29: Survival (Bring 2 decks, if you lose you can't play with that deck again)
$5 Entry Fee

Prizes will include the above PLUS playmats

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