D&D: Dungeon Master 101

When: Sunday, October 15th @ 1:30-3:30

Dungeons & Dragons is a classic, epic role-playing game where you create unique characters that will interact with other players and events in a fantasy story and world.

The core of D&D is storytelling. You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more.

The role of Dungeon Master is crucial to D&D. Players in D&D need a dungeon master to guide them through the world, to be the rules lawyer for the game, and to, in effect, be the narrator of their shared story.

Staff member Ian, will be on hand to teach you the ins and outs of Dungeon Mastering and how to best get started.

This event is free, but please call ahead so we know how many people are planning to attend.

(206) 282-0540


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