MTG Prerelease: War of the Spark

War of the Spark Prerelease


Midnight Singleton/2-Headed Giant Pre-release:
Friday 4/26/19 - 11:30pm pre-registration; 12am Tournament

This is our final Midnight Prerelease.  Future pre-releases will be Saturday/Sunday only.

Weekend 2-Headed Giant Pre-releases:
Saturday 4/27/19 - 12:30pm pre-registration; 1-5pm Tournament
Sunday 4/28/19 - 12:30pm pre-registration; 1-5pm Tournament

Call (206) 282-0540 or click Here to Register!

 Tournament is Sealed-pack limited format. You will be provided with a War of the Spark pre-release kit containing 6 booster packs.  From these cards, you will build a 40-card deck including provided basic lands. 

For Midnight pre-release, we will be running concurrent Two-Headed Giant and Singleton events.  Saturday and Sunday Pre-releases will be all 2-Headed Giant.  All events are $25/player, 3 rounds. 2HG rounds are one game (because they're longer) and Singleton rounds are best-of-three matches. Prize pack pay out is listed at the bottom of this page.

 2-Headed Giant Format: In 2-Headed Giant Format, you will play with a partner (sign up with a buddy or get paired up here) and build two decks out of both of your team's pre-release kits.  You will then play three single-game matches against other 2HG teams.  Cards that affect ""all opponents"" have double the effect, so strategize accordingly.  Official full Two-Headed Giant rules can be found here: 2-Headed Giant Rules

  Please leave a comment in the check-out section indicating the player name and whether you'd like to sign up for the singleton or 2HG style tournament to help with pre-registeration (Midnight).  If this is your first time playing at Blue Highway, please also leave your DCI Number if you have one (or we will make you one if you don't have one yet).  



0 wins - 1 pack of War of the Spark (Per player)

1 win - 1 pack + 20 Prizebox Points (Per player)

2 wins - 2 packs (Per player)

3 wins - 4 packs (Per player)


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