MTG Winter Camp

MTG Winter Camp 2017

Tues - December 26 to Friday December 29

1:00pm-5:00pm Tuesday - Thursday

1:00pm-4:30pm Friday (Free Friday Night Magic Entry)

$200 | Registration: Here


MTG Camp is back!  Space is limited to 12 kids.  Each 4-hour day will feature a different format of play with all cards necessary provided each day. 

Day 1: Sealed Two-Headed Giant - Get paired up with a fellow camper and build two 40-card limited decks to face other teams in epic 2 vs. 2 team battles.

Day 2: Standard 3-pack draft - One of the most popular MTG formats, build your own deck on your own card by card then see how your deck fares against your opponents'.

Day 3: Commander Day (EDH) - Get a new 2017 Commander deck and experience the format built for crazy multiplayer battles.  

Day 4: Budget Standard Day (New) - We assign a point value to every card in standard, and you will build a deck within that point budget.  Kids will get credit to buy cards towards that budget, and can also use any cards they own or get throughout the camp, but the deck will have to be constrained to the limit. We'll explain the details at the start of the camp.

No Cards needed to play.  We provide all materials. Snacks are provided, but lunch beforehand is advised.

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