Pokemon League


Pokemon Decklist
Please fill out a decklist and bring to tournaments.  This is not needed for the weekly pokemon league.


Pokemon League

Saturdays, 10am - Noon

Sign up: Here

Find other trainers to battle with, receive marks on your scorecard for games played, and earn prizes!

Bring a deck to play with.  All players under 18 (or parents of players) are welcome. Players do need to understand the rules well enough to play independently.

Pokemon 101 Classes


Want to learn how to play Pokemon? We will provide decks to play with and teach you everything you need to know.

Pokemon classes generally fall on the first and third Saturdays of each month. We have limited space so please call to reserve a spot: 206-282-0540 or PreRegister Online.



Pokemon CUP Tournament

Sunday September 10

Registration 10:00-10:45
Cost: $15
Format = Expanded
Space limited to 40 spots

The Pokémon TCG League Cup events do not require an invitation or qualification. All players who have Trainer Club accounts and are in good standing with the Play! Pokémon rules are welcome to participate. Players need to bring their own 60-card deck and a completed decklist

All players will receive 1championship points plus additional points for top finishers. First-place finishers in each of three age divisions (Junior, Senior, and Masters) will also receive a League Cup playmat.



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