Shelves of Shame


Shelves of Shame (SOS)
DATE: Saturday, May 6th
TIME: 12:30 - 11

Do you have a few unplayed board games at home? Are they sitting on your shelves, staring at you, making you feel guilty for ignoring them for so long? If so, then you have a "Shelf of Shame." This new Blue Highway Games event will give you the ability to find players and get these unplayed games to the table.

You can see what games are currently being hosted by following the link here. If you would like to play at one of these tables, call the store to reserve a spot.


If you would like to be one of our game hosts, please call the store and let us know. The available time slots are listed here. When you call to register to host, please let us know:

1.Which time slot(s) you would like
2. The name of the game(s)
3. The listed player count(s)
4. The listed run time(s)

Please note the listed run time should be at least approx. 40 mins less than the time slot you have chosen. This is to allow for set up/instruction/clean up. If the listed time is longer or if you think it will run long, you may sign up for back to back time slots as table space permits, to allow for longer games.

You will then just need to bring the game at the selected time, and be ready to teach & play

As soon as we have the info we will begin advertising the game and time so as to fill as many seats as possible. As long as the minimum number of players has been reached we will save the table for you and your game at that time. If the minimum player count is not reached we will call you and then you can either attend and hope for walk ups, or cancel at that time.

To sign up to be a game host or to sign up to be a game player for games already listed please call the store.


Games that need players on May 6th:

12:30-3 (2.5hrs/150 mins)           Louis XIV  / Dungeon Lords  / Market of Alturien
3-6 (3hrs/180 mins)                    
The Great Fire of London 1666 / Giants / {Your Game Here}
6-9 (3hrs/180 mins)                    
Merkator /
{Your Game Here} / {Your Game Here}
9-11 (2hrs/120 mins)                  
Carolus Magnus / Battlecon Devastation /
{Your Game Here}

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