Star Wars Sunday

Star Wars Destiny

Second Sunday of each month

3:00PM - 6:00PM
(Learn to play @2pm)

Sunday Jan 13
Draft Format

This month we will try the new draft format.  $15 entry fee will get you 6 boosters that you use to build a deck with.  Play during the afternoon, then you get to keep these cards. The store will provide the core draft kits.


Beginner friendly! Are you interested in casually playing (or learning!) Star Wars: Destiny or Star Wars: X-Wing, without having to keep up with the competitive “meta” strategy of the tournament scene? Star Wars Sunday at Blue Highway Games is for you!

At Star Wars Sunday you can:
Learn to play

Borrow a deck or ships
Play whatever deck or squad seems fun
Bring your other Star Wars games

Star Wars Sunday aims to be friendly, non-competitive place to play, experiment, and have fun.

Come fly and roll with us!

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