Star Wars Sunday

Star Wars Destiny

 Come play Star Wars Destiny, X-Wing, or bring other Star Wars games.

We are expanding our Star Wars Sundays to be more frequent. X-Wing will always be casual play and SW Destiny will offer different formats from week to week.

Casual Play

Are you interested in casually playing (or learning!) Star Wars: Destiny or Star Wars: X-Wing, without having to keep up with the competitive “meta” strategy of the tournament scene?  Bring your own deck or set of ships to play with or borrow ours.

SW Destiny Tournaments

$5 Entry Fee
Bring your own deck and play in a friendly tournament.  All players will receive at least 1 booster as a prize and we will ususally have promo cards from Fantasy Flight to offer to the winners.

SW Destiny Drafts

$15 Entry Fee
All players will receive 6 boosters and build a deck by choosing cards 1 at a time.  Take your cards home at the end of the day.  Top finishers get first pick of the character cards.

September 23th

1:00PM - 6:00PM
$5 Destiny Tournament

X-Wing 2nd Ed. Launch Event FREE!
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Learn to Play or Bring Your Own Fleet
20% OFF All X-Wing Merchandise


3 Special Promos Available:
T-65 X-Wing Promo Damage Deck, Extended Art Escort & Pilot Cards



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