Used Games


used games

 Blue Highway Games is Buying Used Games

We are buying board & card games for cash or store credit.

We are not buying minis, RPGs, TCGs, or jigsaw puzzles.

We are Buying Used Games

If you want us to buy any of your games, please call the store to set up an appointment. 206-282-0540

We will take some time to grade your offer & give you cash or store credit for what we want to buy. We will give you back what we don’t want to buy or we can donate it to goodwill for you. 

If you wish to achieve the best potential sale price for your games, extra effort presenting it will be recognized. Bagging all components, a written inventory of the pieces & cards to show completeness, and a light dusting will add to the value of your game.

We will assess & grade games based on box condition, component wear & tear, storability, and general market desirability. See below for a few current market requests.

You will need to bring a sheet listing all the games you want to us to buy, your name, and your phone number.

We are Selling Used Games

Stop by and check out what we have to offer. The games will all be upstairs in our loft. Should you need some extra accessibility we can provide help & a current inventory list in store.

Please note when we run in store events the table space will block some access to the shelves. Weekly recurring events include Fridays between 4:30-6:30 & Saturdays from 10am-Noon.

We will not be maintaining an updated online inventory or selling on our website.

All games are sold as is. No returns on Used Games.


Used Games

We are not currently buying the following games: Eclipse, Illuminati, Zombies!!!, or Sentinels of the Multiverse, Scene it!, games containted in bags and not their original boxes.

Also you are welcome to bring the following for consideration, but we might only buy below market value: Oversized boxes, Kickstarter bundles of games exceeding 2 boxes, bundles of games with all the expansions mixed with the base set, expansions hold more value if separated out and in their original boxes. Again, this is all dependent on the game.

Everything else is up for consideration, but not guarenteed to buy.

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