Used Board Game Auction

Auction 2018
March 17th & 18th

If You Purchased Games:
We have not processed your purchases and charged your card. If you would like a receipt let us know.

If You Sold Games: We have placed credit on a store account under your name.  By the end of the day Friday, we will have emailed itemized list detailing what games sold and how much they went for. If you have unsold games, you will have a week to pick up your games from the store (Friday 3/30). Please call us if you have any other questions.


Every year we host the Used Board Auction in our store. What started out as a small idea has turned into a multiple day event with a large array of board games.

We have 1000 games that customers have submitted. We will host a live auction on Saturday and Sunday March 17th &18th.

We’re sure you have lots of questions and we have lots of answers. Please familiarize yourself with this information and then give us a call with any further questions or need for clarification.

UPDATE: We've hit 1000 games. Submissions are now closed.

  • A list of games sorted by day/time will be found HERE
  • A list of games sorted by Title can be found HERE
  • An Excel Version that you can download and organize can be found HERE

 PRE- REGISTRATION FOR ATTENDANCE (Starts March 5th- 100 spaces)

  • We start taking Pre-Registrations by Phone or in Person
  • Call or stop by the store to give us your name and to register the credit card you wish to use during the event – For more details on this see “Attending the Auction” below.
  • PreRegistration is limited to 100 people
  • Cost is $5 This helps cover the cost of running this event.
  • Priority entrance 1/2 hour early at the start of each day (9-9:30)
  • Registration day of the event starts at 9:30 and will be first come first served.

PREVIEW & PLANNING (March 10-16th)

The games will NOT be available for preview during the auction.

Instead games will be available for preview in store March 10-16th. You can come and see the contents and quality of all the games, anytime, in our controlled access staging area. They are numbered with minimum bids indicated so you can take notes & plan your auction visit. 

Because timing on a live auction is hard to predict, we have done our best to break it down by hour. We will stick as closely to this list/times as possible. If the auction is faster than anticipated, we will not speed up the auction, but rather we will have longer breaks in-between groups.

Once posted, the order from top to bottom of each group is the order we will auction the games off during that time. So, if the game you wish to bid on appears near the end of that group, you know it will go up for auction after all the other items before it. If it appears near the beginning of the group, you will want to arrive well before the scheduled time in order to be here for that item. Beyond that we can make no guarantees on timing, but will do our best to keep up a good consistent pace.


  • Pre-Registration: $5 (March 5th Pre Reg opens @10am by phone or in person = guaranteed entrance from 9-9:30 each day).
  • Registration on the Day: Free (starts at 9:30 – first come first served as space allows)
  • Doors open at 9:30 (9:00 for Pre-Registered attendees)
  • Auction Begins at 10:00

The auction this year will be done entirely as a classic LIVE auction, so we need you to register to bid. 

Because of the large number of people wishing to attend this event, all attendees need to register & pay even if you plan on sharing a bid number.

We will need your name, phone number, and a credit card number on file.

Registration gets you the following:

A Bid Number
No lines for check out – all games won against your bid number will be totaled & charged to your Credit Card at the end of the day.

All attendees are free to come and go all weekend, but space is limited and should we fill up, we will be operating on a 1 out 1 in system, with 2 lines for re-entry. 1 priority line for those who already have bid numbers (previous attendance or pre-registration) and 1 for new arrivals (walk-ups) who need to register.

All games will be handed to the winning bidder immediately, with purchase cost recorded against your bid #. At the end of each day we will process the total purchases attached to your bid number, against your registered credit card, so you will not need to wait in any lines/check out. Note: since purchases will be linked to your bid number & credit card we can print a receipt in the days after processing.


Saturday March 17th
9am      Doors Open for Pre-Registered Bidders
9:30am Doors Open for everyone

Group A: 10-11
Group B: 11-12

lunch break

Group C: 12:45-1:45
Group D: 1:45-2:45
Group E: 2:45-3:45

15 Minute Break

Group F: 4-5
Group G: 5-6

Sunday March 18th

9am      Doors Open for Pre-Registered Bidders
9:30am Doors Open for everyone

Group H: 10-11
Group I: 11-12

lunch break

Group J: 12:45-1:45
Group K: 1:45-2:45
Group L: 2:45-3:45

15 Minute Break

Group M: 4-5
Group N: 5-6

 We will be taking NO online/phone bids before the day of the auction. There is no "buy it now" option. We have no in-store storage, you must carry/remove all won items. 






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