Used Board Game Auction

Auction 2017


Every year we host the Used Board Auction in our store space. What started out as a small idea has turned into a multiple day event with a diverse array of board games each year.

Anyone is welcome to participate both as a seller and as a buyer. As a seller, its a chance to turn old games in to new by earning store credit for the items that are sold. As a buyer, its a chance to get cheap games or add rare games to your collection.

Due to the overwhelming amount of participation last year, we are implementing some procedural changes to help create a positive experience for everyone involved. Please familiarize yourself with this information and give us a call with any questions or clarifications.


Game submission is open from March 6-19 (or until we reach our 1000 game limit). We will not accept any games before or after this date or after this limit.

Our submission form is available here (Submission Form) or in store. Includes name, phone number, minimum bid, donation/ return indication. Please print and bring in with your games.

20 submissions max per person. Total event limit is 1000 games.
Cost: $1 processing per game (First 5 games are free).

Games MUST be able to store vertically, so please bag contents, and for games that cannot be bagged (valuable inserts ex. Dominion) please use large rubber bands. It doesn’t need to be sorted, just bagged, one big bag would work.

We will NOT be accepting the following: Jigsaw Puzzles, CCGS, RPGS, Minis, or Vintage Games (case by case, but basically don’t want piles of old flimsy boxes).

The total amount of money made from the games sold will be turned into credit on a customer account that will be available for in-store purchases.

Unsold games must be picked up within 1 week of the auction or they will be donated.

It will take at least a week to process and transfer all of the sales to customer accounts. You will be notified with information regarding the sales of each item within 1 week of the auction.



The games will NOT be available for preview during the auction.

However, all games will be available for preview in store as we receive them, and for a special week-long preview leading up to the auction weekend (stored vertically which is why they need extra secure bagging/rubber bands).

You will be able to come and see the contents and quality of all the games ahead of time in our controlled access staging area. They will be numbered with minimum bids indicated so you can take notes & plan your auction visit. 

As in past years the games will be broken into groups and times will be available online before the event so you may schedule when you wish to be in attendance.



The auction this year will be done entirely as a classic LIVE auction, so we need you to register to bid. 
Because of the large number of people wishing to attend this event, all attendees need to register & pay even if you plan on sharing a bid number.

Pre-Registration opens Mar. 6 @ 10am

$5 for Pre-Registration (100 Spots available)
$10 Walk Up (day of event)

We will need your name, phone number, and a credit card number on file.

Registration gets you the following:

A Bid Number
No lines for check out – all games won against your bid number will be charged to your Credit Card at the end of the day.


$5 dollar discount off the price.
Guaranteed access to the Auction provided you are here at before 9:30am (same time on Sat. & Sun.)
Priority entrance (over walk ups) if you arrive later in the day. However, access is NOT guaranteed after 9:30am.

To pre-register please call the store 206-282-0540.

All attendees are free to come and go all weekend, but space is limited and should we fill up, we will be operating on a 1 out 1 in system, with 2 lines for re-entry. 1 priority line for those who already have bid numbers (previous attendance or pre-registration) and 1 for new arrivals (walk-ups) who need to register.

Unlike past years all games will be handed to the winning bidder immediately, with purchase cost recorded against your bid #. At the end of each day we will process the total purchases attached to your bid number, against your registered credit card, so you will not need to wait in any lines/check out. Note: since purchases will be linked to your bid number & credit card we can print a receipt after processing.



Tentative schedule time is 10-6:15 on both Saturday & Sunday. There will be breaks mid-morning, at lunch, and mid-afternoon. We will be taking NO online/phone bids before the day of the auction. There is no "buy it now" option. We have no in-store storage, you must carry/remove all won items. 





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