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Please Read these Buylist Instructions describing how to sell cards to us.

Also take a look at our Grading Guide


Sell Bulk Rares/Mythics!

If cards are not on our buylist (usually worth under $.50 each), you can sell rares and mythics in Light play or better condition to us in bulk.  Rares pay 10 cents and mythics 25 cents cash, or 20% more in store credit.

Limit of 8 copies per card please.


Bulk Grading Options

If you don't want to go through your collection card by card to list them, you can have us evaluate it.  We charge $15/hour labor, which roughly translates to about 1000 cards if they're in decent order.  Less organized cards will take us longer (cards jumbled, upside down, facing wrong direction, etc.).  After we estimate the value of the collection, we will offer a price, which we will pay in cash or store credit.  If you accept, the evaluation fee will be waived.

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