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Carcassonne - The Tower

Carcassonne - The Tower

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The Tower is the fourth major expansion for the Carcassonne game. Tower segments are added to the game, as well as some new actions. Instead of placing a Meeple as usual on their turns, players can now either place a tower segment on a tile with a space for a tower, add a tower segment to a tower already standing, or place a Meeple on top of a tower (which 'finishes' it).Placing a tower segment allows you to capture other players' Meeples, so long as they are in view of the tower in an orthogonal direction. If the tower is 1 piece high, they can capture Meeples that are within 1 tile of the tower if the tower is 2 pieces high, they can capture Meeples within 2 tiles of the tower etc. Not only do players lose whatever they may have scored with that Meeple, but they also have to pay 3 victory points if they want to free their Meeple.Part of the Carcassonne series. - BoardGameGeek

Extra Info

BGID: 21385
Category: City Building, Expansion for Base-game
Time: 60 minutes
Designer: Klaus-Jurgen Wrede
PrimaryName: Carcassonne - The Tower
Players: 2 to 6
Year: 2006
Artist: Doris Matthaus
Product Title: Carcassonne - The Tower
Family: Carcassonne
Mechanics: Tile Placement
Ages: 8 and up
Publisher: 999 Games, Hans im Gluck, Lautapelit.fi, Rio Grande Games

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