Blood on the Clocktower Preview

Blood on the Clocktower
Blood on the Clocktower Preview Night
August 24th @ 7:00PM

The villagers and visitors of Ravenswood Bluff are awoken one morning to the murder of your storyteller, who will guide the narrative as everyone tries to figure out who among them commited the dastly deed. But wait! The murderer is a demon who, during the day, can change to human form - and he has minions! The forces of good must be clever and the forces of evil must be sneaky in order to save the town - or destroy it!

Your Storyteller will be Aaron Baraff who will be supplying his high quality print-and-play version for the evening. Blue Highway Games has also backed Blood on the Clocktower on Kickstarter, so this is a great way to preview the game before it arrives on our shelves!

Space is limited to 12 players, so please call ahead to reserve your spot today!

(206) 282-0540