Used Board Game Auction

Auction 2019
March 27th


Live Auction 2019

A FREE after-hours event from 7-11pm on Wednesday March 27th.
Live bidding format, with pre-registration (starting Mar. 1st), and automatic check out.
Seating (limited), raffles, prizes, and in-store discounts. 

Preview a list of Games
Games List (Excel)
Games List (pdf)

This list will indicate the Maximum starting bid. We may decide to start items lower.

There will be no guarantee of the order of the items up for bid, but they will be available for inspection and of course purchase (buy-it-now) prior to the event.

We not be able to auction off all items due to time limitatations.

We will not be auctioning off Kid/Family/Party games, but have not removed them from the list.

Some items maybe combined into lots, but what that will be is not available prior to the event.

We will be adding about 50 games from our library, but these are not on the list.

Selling Games 2019

In lieu of auctioning off your games for direct consignment we are offering a larger % of store credit for more desirable items before AND after the event, through the month of April. We will be buying them through our regular year round buying process.

Scheduling a time to buy must be done in person or on the phone, please no unscheduled drop-offs.