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  • Description
    In Colorfox, players place cards on the table to collect matchsticks in six different colors. When you connect to multiple other cards, you can also trade your matchsticks with an opponent (who cannot refuse). This goes on until the matchsticks of one color run out, then you count the scores. Each set of different colored matchsticks is scored separately, then these scores are added together. A set of six gives 21 points, five 15 points, four 10 points, three 6 points, two 3 points, and a lone matchstick 1 point. Whoever scores the most points wins.
  • Details
    BGID: 193831
    Category: Card Game
    Time: 15 Min
    Players: 2 - 4
    Year: 2016
    Ages: 6+
    Publisher: Gen-X Games