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Classic Yahtzee

Classic Yahtzee

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Anyone who's ever done it knows the indescribable feeling--getting Yahtzee in one roll! Of course, this five-of-a-kind phenomenon only happens once in a blue moon. The rest of the time, players must be content with a three-roll full house, large or small straight, or any other combination of five dice. In this seductive game of luck and strategy, players have three tries each turn to roll dice in hopes of obtaining the elusive Yahtzee--or racking up points in one of the 12 other scoring categories. For a real challenge, go for a bonus Yahtzee--two or more in one game! This parlor classic has captivated and vexed players, young and old, since 1956. Game includes five dice, dice cup, 10 bonus chips, score pad, and instructions (English and Spanish). For one or more players.

Extra Info

BGID: 2243
Category: Dice
Time: 30 minutes
Designer: Edwin Lowe
PrimaryName: Yahtzee
Players: 2 to 10
Product Title: Yahtzee
Mechanics: Set Collection
Ages: 6 and up
Publisher: Alga (Brio), dan-spil, E.S. Lowe, Grow Jogos e Brinquedos, Joker, Jumbo, Karnan, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Selecta Spel en Hobby, Tactic, USAopoly, Show More

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