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Go Away Monster!

Go Away Monster!

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  • Description

    Reach in the bag to find the puzzle pieces that fit your bedroom game board. Try to distinguish between the different puzzle pieces and decide which one feels like the size and shape of a piece you need. If you pull out a monster, don't be scared... You take charge, and the monsters will take off!Being afraid of monsters is a normal part of growing up. Go Away Monster! encourages kids to conquer that fear by acting it out and taking control. It also lets them experience some of the apprehension and excitement in deciding what is real and what is imaginary.Ages 3 and up - BoardGameGeek

  • Details
    BGID: 6714
    Category: Children's Game
    Time: 10 minutes
    PrimaryName: Go Away Monster!
    Players: 2 to 4
    Year: 2001
    Product Title: Go Away Monster!
    Mechanics: Co-operative Play
    Ages: 3 and up
    Publisher: Gamewright