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Escape Plan

Escape Plan

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    After a successful bank robbery, the robbers (the players) are living a good time in a little city somewhere in the world, having largely hidden the theft and invested the rest in the city business.

    The thing went well, until one day when they get angry with each other and during a police interrogation they accuse each other.

    The uproar begins, police everywhere looking for everyone, as if that was not enough the SWAT also came to give a hand.
    And it is not easy.
    The best thing to do is to try to escape the city as soon as possible. But the thieves need a plan, a good plan that allows escape recovering most of the money invested and if possible all the hidden one.

    The time is short and with the Police and SWAT at our heels, it will be necessary to pull some strings to calm them down.
    But for that money must be spend. Hire the gangs of the city to create diversions requires time and money. To bribe the cops is not cheap. To shot everybody can be a good plan, but not for long.

    Arrange some disguises seems fine, but it will not fool everyone. Better still, it to send all these people running behind the others and leave you alone. The problem is that everyone thinks the same.

    Which player will get away with more money and be the winner? Or the cops will mess the robber plans and close the city exits before they can escape?

    In the game, players are split in two different roles, the cops and the thieves. The thieves are moving in the board trying to reach the best spots to get their loots and get away from the city with more money than the other thieves.
    The cops are trying to stop them, moving around the board and messing the thieves plans. The cops play cards to place and move their people everywhere and stop the thieves, the thieves take actions that allows them to move, get cards to engage gangs, mules, and other snitches, buy arms and disguises to help them escape.

    The game have asymmetric roles and different goals to each player. The cops roles are cooperative and if they won they share the victory, the thieves roles are individual and only the wealthiest is the winner.

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    First public playtest - 27/11/2009
    Date of the first file - 18/11/2009
    This pg was created at 02/05/2013

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