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Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

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Players use card drafting and simultaneous action selection to form a story while interfering with other players' stories. The game consists of four rounds. In each of them, players are dealt five cards. They simultaneously select one each and pass the remainder, repeating until done. Then, they start playing cards simultaneously, playing three and discarding two. When the cards are revealed after each selection, card abilities turn other cards face-up or face-down. At the end of the four rounds there are 12 cards in front of each player. The players each score based on their face-up cards.Art by Nachigami.Home Page at Edge Entertainment (Spanish): http://www.fairytale.edgeent.com/Home Page for original publisher (Japanese) http://yuhodo.jp/fairytale/fairytail-top.htmHome Page at What's Your Game? New edition: WYG/Fairy Tale - BoardGameGeek

Extra Info

BGID: 13823
Category: Card Game, Fantasy
Time: 20 minutes
Designer: Satoshi Nakamura
PrimaryName: Fairy Tale
Players: 2 to 5
Year: 2004
Artist: Yoko Nachigami
Product Title: Fairy Tale
Mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management, Partnerships, Set Collection, Simultaneous Action Selection, Show More
Ages: 10 and up
Publisher: Edge Entertainment, Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Lautapelit.fi, What's Your Game?, Yuhodo inc, Z-Man Games, Show More

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