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  • Description

    Medium! It’s a social word game of reading your friends’ minds. In teams of two, you and a partner will have a hand of word cards (BANJO, TROPICAL, SHORT, BIGFOOT, PICNIC, etc). You’ll each play a card, then attempt to CREATE A PSYCHIC CONNECTION together to think of the word that somehow connects them. The correct answer is whatever word your partner thinks of, so you’ll have to think alike to find it! Together, you’ll count down: “three...two...one…” then say the same word at the same time. And when you do, it feels perfect. It starts with cards – YOU WILL PLAY THEM. They lead to thoughts – YOU WILL READ THEM. Thoughts become words – YOU WILL SAY THEM. The connection is magical - YOU WILL FEEL IT.

  • Details
    BGID: 242529
    Time: 30-45 mnutes
    PrimaryName: Medium
    Players: 2-8 Players
    Year: 2019
    Product Title: Medium
    Mechanics: Partnerships
    Ages: 14+