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Scotland Yard (2004 Edition)

Scotland Yard (2004 Edition)

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  • Description
    Let's Play Scotland Yard! Which player will have the roll of the elusive Mister X? One player will function as Mister X, with the other players being Scotland Yard detectives searching for him throughout Central London. The starting station cards are shuffled and everyone draws one to determine where they will start the game. Every move is either by taxi, underground, or bus. Mister X moves first and writes his move in his travel log, indicating what method of transportation he used but not where he moved. Then, each detective makes their move, cooperating with the other detectives in an effort to close in on Mister X. Mister X only reveals where he is at certain points in the game, and the chase continues until one of the detectives moves to the place where Mister X is. In this case, the team of detectives has won the game. But, if Mister X makes 24 moves without being caught, he himself wins!
  • Details
    Time: 40 minutes
    PrimaryName: Scotland Yard
    Players: 2 - 6
    Year: 2004
    Product Title: Scotland Yard
    Family: Scotland Yard
    Ages: 10 and up
    Publisher: Ravensburger