Jelly Jammers Scratch & Sniff 71 pc

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Age: 5+

Experience multi-sensory fun with scratch and sniff puzzles! Engaging to put together, the silly final scene is a delight when the puzzle is complete. Create a rocking monster concert complete with a base drummer and a crowd-surfing fan, with pieces in blue raspberry, grape, and cherry scents.

• Put together a scratch and sniff scene with colorful pieces and sweet scents
• Kids learn visual and scent recognition, fine-motor development, problem solving and critical thinking
• 71 piece puzzle measures 14" x 19" when complete!
• Enjoy other scratch-and-sniff puzzles: Jelly Sweet Smells Bakery or Fruity Pool Party
• 7 Special-shaped scented pieces that include Blue Raspberry, Grape, and Cherry scents


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