Uno: Roll & Write Dice Game

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Age: 8+
Time: 15 min
Players: 2-4

Build a chain as long as you can and record the sequence on your dry erase board, then call out the last die's number and color so other players can record that number on their board if they have a match. It wouldn't be UNO without Wilds or penalties so there are penalty dice and wild dice you can roll on your turn. Two wild dice equal one space on your board, and any penalty dice you roll can be used on your opponents at the end of your turn. The first player to fill every space on their board is the winner! This fun twist on the classic game is great for travel and fun for the whole family. Perfect for 2 to 4 players, aged 7 years old and up. Includes six dice, four dry erase boards and four markers.

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