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  • Helvetiq Bandido


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Band together to prevent a prisoner from escaping. Can you block the tunnels in time?

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Age: 6+
Time: 15 min
Players: 1-4

Bandido is a cooperative (or solo) card game in which you're attempting to keep a prisoner from escaping. Block all of the tunnels inside of the prison!

Join forces by placing one card so at least one tunnel is connected to an existing tunnel and then you’ll draw back up to three cards. Simple concept that adds to the fun complexity of spacial predictions!

The one main rule is that you can’t block off any of the tunnels with walls when you’re placing a card.

What you’re trying to do is close off every tunnel to keep Bandido from escaping. The cards with the flashlights are the ones that close off most of the tunnels, but there are other cards you can use to basically form a loop that connects multiple tunnels together.

Everyone wins if you’re able to block all of the tunnels! You’ll lose if there are any open tunnels by the time you’ve gone through the deck.