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Blood on the Clocktower - Game Night!

Join us for a night of 
Blood on the Clocktower!

Sunday, April 21st
8:00-10:00 PM

We have a wonderful host Storyteller ready to teach you how to play and welcome you into the storyline!
This game is unique party game full of mystery and horror, perfect for the weekend of All Hallows Eve. In this game you'll experience a plethora of game mechanics such as Bluffing, Deduction, Hidden Roles, Negotiation, Player Elimination, Assymetry, and more!

Game info: Age 15+, Time 30-120min, Players 5-20

Contact us with questions and to register!
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[email protected]

Contact us with questions and to register!
We are capping off sign-ups at around 12 people.

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Updated: 3/24/24