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TCG Singles Buy & Resell Info

TCG Singles are for sale with BHG!

We have a small but great selection of Pokemon and MTG singles available in our shop & online through the TCG Player shop! All of our TCG Singles are bought from within the BHG community. Each card is priced based on condition & it's current TCG Player market price. Cards under $10 are available for viewing and purchase at our shop - ask to see our TCG Binders. All cards priced over $10 can be viewed and purchased from our TCG Player online shop (link here)


We buy and sell only Pokemon and Magic the Gathering singles!


Selling Process

Quick overview:

For our Buy & Re-Sell TCG Singles program - you can schedule a drop-off appointment or stop in to see if we have any space for same-day drop-offs. 

More Info: 

Thank you for your interest in selling us your MTG or Pokemon Singles! This information is designed to serve as a reference for our drop off process and lay out the expectations on our end and yours. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out by phone (206-282-0540) or by email ([email protected])

Please note that all cards are subject to review, each card will be priced based on its condition quality & TCG Player prices.
We are not a card grading service. 

You may make a drop-off appointment or check with us about same-day drop-offs. On the day of your drop off, feel free to drop off anytime during the store's business hours. Our buyer will take 5-10 days to process your cards before contacting you with your initial offer - you may accept the offer in the form of check/cash, store credit, or TCG Reward Point offers. You will have three days to respond before we contact you once more, with another follow up message coming three days after that. If we still haven't heard from you after those three messages, we will provide you with store credit and make the cards will be made available for sale. If there are cards that we decided not to purchase from you, we will make that clear in our initial email and will be available for pick-up. Furthermore, if there are any cards you no longer wish to sell to us, please make that apparent in your response so we can adjust payment accordingly. 

Before you can receive any payment, we require that you respond to the offer email with which offer form you accept (check/cash, store credit, or TCG Reward Points). We will respond to the email to let you know when your payment is ready for pick up or use. Once payment has been processed, you are free to come and pick up your check anytime during the store's business hours. Any cash/credit offers $20 or less will be in cash.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions and we will be happy to assist!

- Blue Highway Games.


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