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TCG Singles Buy & Resell Info

We sell MTG & Pokemon singles on 

A selection of singles are also available in binders in the store.

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Hi Everyone! Thank you for your interest in buying & selling TCG Singles with us!

This post aims to serve as a comprehensive resource for all of your questions surrounding our TCG Single buying process, as well as some frequently asked questions! If you ever have more questions, please feel free to reach out to our card buyers, Soby and Sophi, by email at [email protected] 

FAQ #1: Do you sell TCG singles?

Yes! We sell a variety of Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering singles both in-store and online on our TCGPlayer Pro Website! All cards for sale over the price of $10 are posted on our TCGPlayer account. All of our in-store TCG binders have cards priced under $10.

We have several binders that you can ask to look at including:

1. MTG Commanders (All legendary creatures that can be your commander)

2. MTG General (A collection of rare and mythic rare cards from a variety of sets)

3. MTG Art Cards (Art cards from a variety of recent MTG sets)

4. Pokemon General (A collection of EX, GX, V, VMAX, VSTAR, and more from recent sets!)

Can't find the card you want? Maybe we have it on our TCGPlayer Pro Website! Feel free to order online and choose our in-store pickup option, or have the cards shipped anywhere in the United States!


FAQ #2: Do you buy TCG singles?

Also yes! However, we only buy certain cards from both Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon. Our list of accepted cards is as follows: 

Pokemon: EX, GX, V, VMAX, VSTAR, Full Art (Pokemon and Trainer Cards), Secret Rare (Pokemon and Trainer Cards), Amazing Rare, Lv. X, BREAK, Prism Star and Promos. 

MTG: Rare, Mythic Rare, Legendary Creatures (incuding Planeswalkers that can be used as commanders)

If you're unsure about whether a card would be accepted, feel free to drop it off and our card buyer will let you know if we're interested in taking it!

We do not accept or buy any other CCG or trading cards (i.e. Yu-Gi-Oh! or sports trading cards).


FAQ #3: Is selling TCG singles free?

That depends on how many cards you want to sell! We have a small TCG buyer team, and to ensure offers can be sent out in a timely manner we have to limit how many cards we take in per week. For larger card orders, we do charge a small service fee that is then reincorporated into your offer if you choose the store credit or points option. Our tiered fee system is as follows: 

1-25 Cards: "Small Drop Off" - No service fee

26-100 Cards: "Large Drop Off" - $5.00 service fee

100+ Cards: "Bulk Drop Off" - $15.00 service fee

We collect the service fee when you drop off your cards, so please count how many cards you are interested in selling/bringing in to drop off and be prepared for the associated service fee. 


FAQ #4: How does the selling process work?

Our sell process is not a same-day process

Everything starts with dropoff! We have a limited number of drop off slots per week which refresh every Monday. We don't take reservations for these slots, so if we are unable to take your cards initially, check back early next week!

Depending on how many cards you bring in, we may have to charge you a service fee (see FAQ #3). We'll also take some basic contact information including your email and phone number. We will also go over our Terms and Conditions with you, and have you sign off on your understanding of them. If any of the cards you are looking to sell are sleeved, please remove the sleeves prior to the drop off (which can be at our counter!). We'll re-sleeve the cards with our own sleeves prior to handling the cards during the conditioning process.

Before we send out an offer, our card buyer will check the condition of your cards and look up the market price for each one on TCGPlayer. These two data points impact how much we will offer you for each card. 

After drop off, it takes 5-10 days for our card buyer to email you with an offer. We will send you an offer in Cash, Store Credit, and our store's BHG TCG Points. You can choose which of those three options you prefer. Once you have made a decision, respond to your initial offer email telling the card buyer which option you would like to accept or if you reject the offer. If you accept an offer, your payment will only be ready to use or pick up once we have notified you with a confirmation email that the payment option you've accepted is available. 

After your initial offer email, we will give you three days to respond. If we haven't heard from you after those three days we will send you a second reminder. If we still haven't heard from you three days after your second reminder, we will issue a final reminder. If we still haven't heard from you three days after your final reminder, we will issue you store credit and make your cards available for purchase for our customers. 

Once you accept your offer and receive confirmation that your payment is ready, you're free to come and collect it! Cash payouts under $20 will be issued in cash. Cash payouts over $20 will be issued via check. Store credit and point offers will be attached to your current store account under your name on it or if you do not have one we'll create one for you.


FAQ #5: Are you a card grading service?

No, we are not a grading service! We only condition cards for reselling purposes which is a different process than grading cards (i.e., "how much would this card worth/sell for?"). We ask you to please only drop off cards that you intend to sell to us. We fully understand that folks may reject our offer, however, if a repeat customer regularly rejects our offer or we see a pattern developing, we reserve the right to refuse to accept cards from someone violating this policy. 


We love being able to buy cards from our customers and ensure that someone else can find enjoyment in them! If at any time you have other questions about our TCG singles buying process, please feel free to reach out!