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BHG's Play Space & FAQ's


Come by to play games anytime during store hours!
*Call ahead (206)282-0540 or check our events page to see when our play space is partially or fully reserved for events.
BHG Event Schedule

BHG has 10 tables in our event/play space
split between the main floor and the loft.

We have HUNDREDS of games in our game library
available for customers and community members
to use anytime when the play space is open!
Or bring your own game!

BHG staff are around to assist with game suggestions, locating games,
and on occasion may be able to teach a game to you and your group!

We have drinks and snacks available for purchase from our snack bar.
The drink options are a variety of waters, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages (only beer).
The snacks available are usually candy, granola bars, chips, and popcorn.
*Take Out Food & Snacks from outside of our space is welcome as long as guests are
keeping our library games clean and clean up after themselves.
Please note: We do not allow for catered food or food spreads, more details below.

Please do not leave personal belongings unattended.
BHG is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items.



Is there a time limit for using the play space?
BHG does not limit people's time in the play space, the playspace is open for use during our business hours except when we are hosting a structured or private event.
If you have a game that takes several/many hours to play we welcome it!

Can I make a reservation for a game table?
BHG does not reserve tables for anyone, including groups.
All tables are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some or all of the tables may be reserved for Blue Highway Events.
You can check on the space availability by calling ahead! (206)282-0540

How many people can the biggest table accommodate?
We have a few large tables/booths that can comfortably seat 6-8 people but can squeeze in up to 10.

Are dogs allowed in the event/play space?
Dogs are allowed! We even have some dog treats behind the counter that the staff love to offer our furry friends! We do not have any breed bans.
Our dog rules are: all dogs must be on a leash at all times, leashes must be held or attached to your table/chair, no dogs can be left unattended, and dogs must be kept out of the main walkways. As a forewarning: if your dog acts aggressively, excessively barks/whines, or causes other patrons distress you may be asked that your pet leaves the space.

Are children welcome?
Yes! Kids of all ages are welcome in our play space. We have a wide selection of games for ages 2 and up! 
Adults with children are expected to supervise their children at all times and help them maintain inside voices and walking feet. Our play space is not designed to be used as a daycare, playroom, or jungle gym.
Board games come with many pieces that are easy to misplace, please be conscious of collecting all the pieces and checking the floor when putting games away.
We encourage families of small children to open/play one game at a time and to pay attention to the age range on the game boxes when picking out what to play together. Please be aware that games far beyond the child's age may have a lot of small and fragile pieces.

What outside food & drinks are allowed?
Queen Anne Ave has lots of great eateries and coffee shops. Feel free to pick up some take-out or coffee and bring it in!
Folks are welcome to bring in take-out and drinks from outside of the shop with some restrictions.
No outside alcohol is allowed inside, including alcohol-free beers & wines.
No catering services or buffet-style food/snack spreads, this includes the use of catering equipment such as food warmers or large coolers/ice buckets.
BHG does not provide any napkins, plates, or cutlery.
BHG tables are meant to be sat at for the use of gameplay and conversation, please refrain from using tables to only hold personal belongings or food.
Looking to host a large group or have a party, please read the Party Info below.

Does BHG host birthday parties or private parties?
BHG does not currently host any birthday parties or private parties due to COVID & staffing shortages.
BHG has in the past offered the service of hosting private parties.
This service may return in the future.

Can I host my own party in the play space?
All groups are welcome!
For groups of 10+ (more than 1 large table of people), calling ahead is greatly appreciated!
BHG does not reserve tables or the loft space for groups at this time.

BHG does have rules regarding large groups in the space and parties:
- BHG does not allow party/celebration decorations in the space.
- BHG does not allow the lighting of candles.
- BHG does not allow for catering services or food/dessert spreads. The use of food warmers, large coolers, ice buckets, and other catering equipment is prohibited. BHG does not provide any napkins, cutlery, or plates.
- BHG tables are meant to be sat at for the use of gameplay and conversation, please refrain from using tables to only hold personal belongings or food.
- Parties/celebrations must not dominate the play space or make it difficult for staff to work or other customers/people to use the space. This is up to our discretion.
- Staff may ask a large group/party to change tables or ask for something about the party to change. Guests must accommodate the request of staff.
- If children are present in a large group/party, adults are expected to supervise them at all times and help the children maintain inside voices and walking feet.
- Please be respectful of the space, other customers, and staff. Thank you!
We appreciate your understanding!


Updated: 12/6/2023