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Arkham Horror LCG: Group Event!

Arkham Horror LCG:
Next Scenario TBA

Group/Convention Styled Event!

Date TBD
Time TBD | $5*
Limited Seats Available!

Max of - Participants
Preregistration Required

 All players must have played Arkham Horror LCG before.

Build Your Own/Provide Your Own Decks: ALL Decks Must Be a MAX of 19 XP.

*Entry fee will be refunded as store credit to the players who provide a base game & a copy of the scenario pack that can be used during the event!
*Base Game & the scenario packs can be purchased at Blue Highway Games or other FLGS.


What is an epic multiplayer or group convention-styled Arkham Horror LCG Event?

Play Arkham Horror LCG but with a Large Group! Work together to resolve a mission!
As a team, each table will take on different parts of the scenario. An event lead will run between tables running the scenario and keeping track of the progress of each team.

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Updated: 3/27/2024