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About Special Ordering

Special Ordering products is a great way to acquire games, dice, trading card products, and the associated accessories while also supporting your Friendly Local Game Store!

Folks special order items through us for a wide range of reasons:

- The product is hard to find. It might be between print runs, rare, or independently published.
- You'd rather buy the item from an FLGS and support a small business.
- The item is announced but hasn't been released yet. This is like preordering but does not require advanced payment.

How to Special Order:

- Contact us via email/phone or stop by in-person
- Give us the name of the product or game. Additional info can also help us: such as publisher/brand, if it is a Kickstarter or crowdfunded, and any other related details.
- Leave us with your contact info: first and last name, phone number, and email. If you'd like the item shipped, please also leave your address.
- No payment is required in advance.

And we'll do the rest! We'll research the item and check with our distributors, then order the product if it in stock or place a backorder for it. We'll contact you when it arrives. Payment can be accepted over the phone or in person. The item will be available for in-store pick-up or shipping. 

- We also can not guarantee a timeline on when special orders will be available.
- We can not guarantee our ability to fulfill all special orders. Not all products are available for ordering or within our ability to obtain.

Updated: 9/13/23