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Pop-Up GenCon

"Pop-Up Gen Con 2021 brings a bit of the Gen Con convention experience to your friendly local game store with newly released games from select publishers, demos, events, and sales."

Saturday, September 18

Pre-register here on Gen Con's Website!
PreRegistration will provide an official GenCon badge & starter pin set.

We will have select titles releasing at GenCon available to play and/or purchase.

Forbidden GamesDungeon Party – Starter Set
Pandasaurus GamesDinosaur Island: Rawr ’n Write
Rather Dashing Games - Captured Moments (A Downton Abbey Game)
Ravensburger - Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game
Renegade Games Studios - Gravwell (2nd ed)
SlugFest Games - Dungeon Decorators
Steamforged Games - Godtear: The Borderlands & Eternal Glade Starter Sets
Usaopoly | The Op - Disney Mickey And Friends Food Fight
Wyrd Games - Bayou Bash

Local Designers will be demo'ing their new game Biome: Borneo
Demo Biome and you will be entered into a raffle for a $100 Gift Certificate to BHG!

Biome: Borneo is based in the Bornean rainforest and is a euro-style, tile laying game played on 3-D board pieces (freely arranged to create layers) where you compete for resources and space within ecological rainforest layers to increase plant and animal biodiversity for points. By the end of the game, a rainforest biome is formed that is unique to each game.