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September 2023 Staff Picks!

  • Posted on
  • By Wes | he/him
  • Posted in Staff Picks

Every month BHG staff pick out 1-2 of their favorite games to share! We strive to highlight a diverse range of tabletop games!

What would be your top pick this month?

Josh's Pick
Czech Games Lost Ruins of Arnak
Lost Ruins of Arnak - Contracts, Deck/Bag/Pool Building, Market, Solo/Solitaire Mode, Worker Placement, Strategy Game

On an uninhabited island in uncharted seas, explorers have found traces of a great civilization. Now you will lead an expedition to explore the island, find lost artifacts, and face fearsome guardians, all in a quest to learn the island's secrets.

Kyndra's Pick

Blue Orange Games Next Station London

Next Station London - Dice, Set Collection, Family Game

You have been hired by the City of London to redesign their underground lines. Each turn, reveal a new station and create a railway section to expand your subway line. Optimize the number of districts you connect, the tourist sites you access, and take advantage of the tunnels passing under the Thames River to score the most points. Sketch 4 underground subway lines and become the best railway architect in this fun flip-and-write game! -description from distributor

Jeff's Pick

Go Nuts for Donuts, Gamewright, 2017 — front cover

Go Nuts For Donuts - Set Collection, Drafting, Deduction, Family, Card Game

Go Nuts for Donuts is a fast-paced card game for the whole family with just a sprinkle of strategy. Outsmart your opponents and collect donuts hot out of the oven for points. But beware, if two players go after the same donut, then no one gets it! -description by


Soby's Pick

Flatout Games Deep Dive

Deep Dive - Set Collection, Push Your Luck, Penguin-Themed, Family Game

Deep Dive is a press-your-luck set-collection game in which you use your waddle of penguins to dive deep into the ocean to amass the most bountiful collection of food! When one of the depths of the ocean has been fully explored, the game ends, and the penguin waddle with the best sets of food wins!

description from publisher

Aidan's Pick

Lucky Duck Games Paranormal Detectives

Paranormal Detectives - Deduction, Horror-Themed, Murder Mystery, Hand Management, Pattern Recognition, Party Game

Paranormal Detectives is a deduction party game. One player takes the role of a Ghost. All other players work as Paranormal Detectives and need to discover how the victim died. Using paranormal abilities they will communicate with the Ghost, asking open questions about the details of the crime. The Ghost answers in a variety of ghostly ways - by arranging a hangman’s knot, playing chosen tarot cards, creating a word puzzle on a talking board, drawing by holding the hand of a detective and many more!

Wes' Pick

Fit to Print - updated cover

Fit To Print - Animal-Themed, Drafting, Kickstarted, Puzzle Game, Set Collection, Solo/Solitaire Mode, Tile Placement, Family, Strategy Game

Fit To Print is a tile-laying game for the whole family. Players simultaneously collect newspaper tiles, stacking them on their desks until they think they have what they need to make the perfect front page. Then, they will yell “Layout!” and begin to layout the page by carefully considering the placement of centerpieces, articles, photographs, and advertisements. When everything is just right, they yell “Print” to be the first off the press and gain their choice of centerpiece for the next round! This hectic spatial puzzle features over 100 unique newspaper tiles, 6 characters with their own special abilities, as well as 3 decks of Breaking News cards — so that each and every time you play you will be solving a new puzzle!

Sophi's Pick

Blue Orange Games Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis - Economic, Area Majority/Influence, Hexagon Grid, Income, Progressive Turn Order, Abstract Strategy, Family Game

The sun shines brightly on the canopy of the forest, and the trees use this wonderful energy to grow and develop their beautiful foliage. Sow your crops wisely and the shadows of your growing trees could slow your opponents down, but don't forget that the sun revolves around the forest. Welcome to the world of Photosynthesis, the green strategy board game!

Brendan's Pick


Point City - Open Drafting, Set Collection, City Building, Family, Card Game

Point City is a fast and fun card-drafting engine-building game for the whole family! There are over 150 unique building cards, so you can create a completely different city each and every time you play! Point City takes the simple concept of drafting cards and building the best combinations and adds new layers of resource management and engine building to the mix - making the game easy to learn, but challenging for everyone! -description by publisher

Jordan's Pick

Dujardin English version 2016

Mille Bornes - Hand Management, Take That, Push Your Luck, Racing, Family, Card Game

One Thousand Milestones. On French roads there were small marker stones giving the distance in kilometres to the next town. In this famous old French card game, players compete to drive 1000 km, dealing with hazards along the way. Draw a card to your hand, play or discard. You must lay a green traffic light to start, play cards showing mileage, dump hazards (flat tire, speed limit) on the other players, remedy hazards (spare tire, end of limit) from yourself, play safety cards (puncture proof), and try to be the first to clock up the distance. -description from