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Puzzle Exchange

Puzzle Exchange!

Last Sunday of Each Month
12:00-3:00 PM


What is a Puzzle Exchange?
A Puzzle Exchange is a FREE community event for puzzle enthusiasts and hobbyists to trade, exchange, and talk puzzles with one another as well as a space for puzzle-curious folks to learn more about jigsaws and pick up a few free used ones to give puzzling a try!


BHG is hoping to host a puzzle exchange each month from Feb-April of 2022 to see how the community responds to the event. If the puzzle exchanges appear to be a big hit then we will continue this event on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule!

BHG has hosted puzzle exchanges in years prior; this one will look a little different!
Here is what to expect:

- Bring A Puzzle, Take A Puzzle! For every even exchange of puzzles you do, you will earn a punch on a punch card! After 8 punches the punch card is full and can be used for 20% Off a NEW puzzle (in-store only)! Example: Bring in 5 used puzzles and take 5 used puzzles home, earn 5 punches on your BHG Puzzle Exchange Punch Card! Fill your punch card, gain a new one!

- Open House Styled Event: Come when you can and stay as long as you'd like between 12-3 PM! Some tables will be reserved for this event for displaying & browsing the used puzzles. The puzzles will be roughly organized by participating patrons with staff assistance into groupings by age-range (kid or adult puzzle) and piece count. 

- Puzzle Condition: We ask all used puzzles brought for the exchange to be in decent-like new condition. If you know pieces are missing from puzzles or that it is badly damaged please do not bring those puzzles in to exchange & trade with others as that is not very pleasant for the person who picks your used puzzle. BHG does not verify the quality of each puzzle - This is an honor system!

- ALL Puzzle Types are welcome! We welcome all piece counts, images, materials, and age ranges! Examples: standard cut to wacky cut pieces, kid puzzles, holiday puzzles, wood puzzles, 3D puzzles, etc. 

- A gentle reminder that we are not a donation site for used puzzles. We ask that you please refrain from bringing mass amounts of puzzles all at once and taking little-to-none home with you. If you are looking for a way to donate used puzzles we will gladly suggest some ways to do that.



Updated: 2/28/2023