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Keyforge Tournaments & Events

Keyforge at BHG

1st Saturday of the Month
Registration @ 12:30p
Start @ 1:00p

Fee: $10-15*

Events are led by local Keyforge community members.
BHG provides the gathering space and tournament prizes.

*Typically the entry fee is $10-15. HOWEVER, the Entry Fee varies
month to month depending on the tournament type
which is chosen by Keforge community member organizers.

Contact BHG for more info:

[email protected]


Keyforge Event Schedule:

Saturday, April 6th @12:30p




Keyforge Prereleases!
Held on a Saturday near Release

Registration @ 12:30p
Start @ 1:00p

*Includes: 3x Decks & 4-5 rounds SWISS structure.
Limited Seats - Preregistration Required

Updated: 3/31/2023