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Board Game Challenge


BHG's Monthly
Game Tournament!

December's Game: FORT

Saturday, Dec 17th @6:30p

FORT: 20% off for all of December


BHG Board Game Challenge is held on the last Saturday of every month throughout the year!

About Board Game Challenge: Each month we pick a different game for the tournament. All participants must have played the chosen game prior to the event.

PRIZES: We give out participation prizes, but only the winner gets their name on our trophy wall! All players earn points toward our yearly challenge awards. Anyone who earns at least 50 points will receive a gift certificate and the top 5 overall players share over $350 in additional gift certificates!

Arrive for the tournament at 6:30pm for check-in. The games will start at 7:00pm. Three rounds of the games will be played. All participants will play in the first two rounds of games. The players who advance to the third round will be the players with the highest scores from the previous two rounds. Please note that the tournament may last several hours, often ending between 10:00-11:00pm.


Upcoming Events:

Sat, December 17th @6:30pm

*Game TBA*
Sat, January 28th @6:30pm


2022 Standings:


Click HERE for Details


Challenge Details:

Earn points through participation and placing in the top ten. Check the standings each month to see how you stack up against the competition. Earn at least 50 points and get a gift certificate for our store!


Points Breakdown:

Participation = 10 points
Preregistration = 2 points
Bring a copy of the game = 2 points
Top 10 finish = 1-10 points



Past Winners

2022 Winners:

January (7 Wonders Architects): Cosmo Smith
February (Century: A New World): Stefan Dernbach
March (Living Forest): Stefan Schiltz
April (The Quest for El Dorado): Stefan Schiltz
May (Parks): Julian Shirland
June (Welcome to the Moon): John Talbot
July (Azul: Summer Pavilion): John Talbot
August (The Guild of Merchant Explorers): Stefan Dernbach
September (Dinosaur Island: Rawr'N Write): John Talbot
October (Modern Art): John Talbot
November (Juicy Fruits): 
December (Fort): 

2021 Winners:

August (Cascadia): John Talbot
September (Nidavellir): Aaron Baraff
October (Wild Space): Aaron Baraff
November (Llamaland): Carl Ragnarson
December (King of New York): Stefan Dernbach
2021 Champion: Stefan Dernbach

2020 Winners:

January (The Taverns of Tiefenthal): John Talbot
February (Wayfinders): John Talbot
March-December cancelled due to COVID 

2019 Winners:

January (Sagrada): Aaron Baraff
February (The Quacks of Quedlinburg): Marek Domanski
March (Gizmos): Aaron Baraff
April (Barenpark): Cosmo Smith
May (Tiny Towns): Lewis Lin
June (Res Arcana): Aaron Baraff
July (Azul: Stained Glass): Cosmo Smith
August (Point Salad): Shannon Baraff
September (Hadara): Paul Weldin
October (Cartographers): Chris Schattauer
November (Las Vegas Royale): Julie Talosig
December (Cat Lady): Shawn Stankewich
2019 Champion: Cosmo Smith

2018 Winners:

January (Majesty: for the Realm): Whitney Roulstone
February (Dice Forge): Noah Parker
March (Bunny Kingdom): Roey Rivnay
April (Azul): Paul Weldin
May (VYE): Aaron Baraff
June (Space Base): Nathan Talbot
July (Flamme Rouge): John Talbot
August (Century: Eastern Wonders): Scott Benson
September (Indian Summer): Aaron Baraff
October (Reef): Scott Benson
November (Orbis): Aaron Baraff
December (NMBR 9): Shawn Stankewich
2018 Champion: Shawn Stankewich

2017 Winners:

January (Kanagawa): Dan Smith
February (New Bedford): Sandor Prater
March (Lanterns): Dan Smith
April (Lords of Waterdeep): Jeremiah Styles
May (Lotus): Chris Schattauer
June (Kingdomino): Dan Smith
July (Yamatai): Scott Benson
August (Valletta): Tim O'Connor
September (Cottage Garden): Cosmo Smith
October (Clank!): Sandor Prater
November (Century: Spice Road): Sandor Prater
December (Meeple Circus): Chad Martinell
2017 Champion: Dan Smith

2016 Winners:

January (7 Wonder Duel): Paul Weldin
February (Barony): Lewis Lin
March (New York: 1901): Lewis Lin
April (Samurai): Selena Schattauer
May (Quadropolis): Andy Szymas
June (San Juan): Paul Weldin
July(Hansa Tuetonica): Andrew Green
August (Costa Rica): Paul Weldin
September (Via Nebula): Paul Weldin
October (Broom Service): Chris Schattauer
November (Bohnanza): Tim Crosley
December (Karuba): Ivan Mistrianu
2016 Champion: Chris Schattauer

2015 Winners:

January (Castles of Mad King Ludwig): Chris Schattauer
February(Roll for the Galaxy): Yuri Tolpin
March (Imperial Settlers): Juniper Belmont
April (Star Realms): Will Louks
May (Camel Up): Nolan Liang
June (Murano): Paul Weldin
July (Elysium): Andy Szymas
August (Grog Island): Amanda Erven
September (Cacao): Linda Pearlstein
October (El Gaucho): Will Louks
November (Isle of Skye): Paul Weldin
December (Colt Express): Ross Williams
2015 Champion: Chris Schattauer