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Heavy Games Club

Welcome to...

Heavy Games Club!


Blue Highway had been receiving feedback and hearing comments as of late from local board gamers about how they wish there was a way to more easily get together with others to play longer, more complicated games aka heavy games. Many board gamers' regular gaming groups and meet-ups were disrupted or discontinued by the covid pandemic, leaving many people without a place to go or consistent groups to play heavier games with. We completely understand! It can be difficult to find friends or locals who want to sit down to play 3+ hour long game(s) on a routine basis. So Blue Highway wants to help board gaming folks out by creating a Heavy Games Club!

Meets Ups occur each month on the 1st Sunday & the 3rd Tuesday!
So mark your calendars!

Scheduled Club Meet-Ups:

Sunday, March 5th 
Session 1: 12:00-4:00pm
Session 2: 4:00-8:00pm

Tuesday, March 21st

About the Club:
- The club will meet up twice a month: On the first Sunday of each month (which has 2 separate time slots) and on the third Tuesday of each month. Each meet-up is scheduled for 4 hours blocks. 

- Types of Games: longer, more complicated games that take on average 2-3+ hours to play. Examples: Scythe, Coffee Traders, Spirit Island, etc.

- Anyone is welcome to attend any meet-up. Anyone who attends can join an empty seat at a game table or pick out a game for others to join!

- BHG staff is in charge of the admin work behind the club (emailing newsletters, updating website page and social media, etc.). The actual gameplay time, rules teach, set up/clean up of games, and decisions of which games will be played at each meet-up is up to the club members. 

- Participants are welcome to bring their own games or borrow one form the Blue Highway has a game library. We have lots of games to choose from. Feel free to stop by to check out our library. 

- Members and those interested in knowing more are encouraged to sign up for our BHG newsletter to receive updates and reminders about the club as well as other store events. Sign up via the website or email us at [email protected] to let us know you'd like to sign up or if you have any questions!

- Members can also join the Heavy Games Club Facebook Group run by Blue Highway Games: click here to join the group!


Updated: 3/28/2023