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MTG Events



Phyrexia Prerelease Events!

Tuesday Feb 7th & Thursday Feb 9th
6:00-10:00 PM

Please arrive at 5:30 pm for check-in and registration.
All participants will receive a Phyrexia Prerelease kit with entry!
Players will open their prerelease kits to assemble 40+ card decks to use for that night's games against other players.
Prizes available!

Contact us for Pre-registration!
[email protected]




Every Monday Night
6:00-9:00 PM


Every Thursday Night
6:00-10:00 PM
$15 Entry


More info about our MTG Events:

MTG: Friendly Commander

Every Monday
6:00-9:00 PM

Bring Your Own 100 Card Deck!


3-5 players per game for Commander Format & 2 player Duel Commander 
(The multiplayer format & duel format have varying rules/set up)

Deck size: 100 cards (99 cards and 1 commander card).
The game duration is roughly about 20 minutes per player.

"The Commander format is all about picking your hero and building a deck around them. In this casual, multiplayer format, you choose a legendary creature to serve as your commander and build the rest of your deck around their color identity and unique abilities. Players are only allowed one of each card in their deck, with the exception of basic lands, but they can use cards from throughout Magic's history." 
- Wizards of the Coast: MTG Commander Format

Learn More Here:
Multiplayer Commander Format (3-5 players)
Duel Commander (2 players)


MTG: Draft

Every Thursday
6:00-10:00 PM

Prizes Available - Prize Bracket listed below!

Build Your Own Deck through Drafting!


2-8 players per table for the draft.
Each player receives 3 booster packs to contribute to the draft.

Following the 3 draft rounds, players use their deck to play 1 v 1 games at the table.

Deck Size after the draft: minimum of 40 cards.
Each game duration is about 20 minutes.

"How to draft: First, players sit around a table in a semi-circle. Each player then opens a booster pack and picks a single card without showing the other players. 

Each player then passes the remaining cards to the left, and continues drafting from the new cards they get from the player on their right. This continues until all of the cards in those packs have been distributed (drafted). Then each player opens a second pack, but this time, pass the pack to the right. After all those cards are drafted, you do the same with the third pack, passing to the left again. At the end, each player will have about 45 cards (along with any number of basic lands) which they can use to build a 40 card deck."
 - Wizards of the Coast: MTG Booster Draft Format 




BHG has a TCG/CCG Points System. Players who win prizes have points added to their points account. TCG/CCG points can be used to purchase CCG products at our store.
1 Point = $0.10 in Store Credit / 10 Points = $1 in Store Credit


 3-0-0 : 150 CCG Points ($15 CCG Store Credit) & 1 Foil Promo Pack*
2-0-1 : 100 CCG Points ($10 CCG Store Credit) & 1 Foil Promo Pack*
2-1-0 : 75 CCG Points ($7.50 CCG Store Credit)
1-1-1 : 50 CCG Points ($5 CCG Store Credit)


*Promo Packs while supplies lasts


More about the BHG TCG/CCG Point System! 
Customers who create a CCG Points Account earn points with their CCG purchases. Every $1 Spent on CCG = 1 CCG Point. Points can be redeemed at any time on any and all CCG products in-store.



MTG Arena

Do you have MTG Arena profile &/or app downloaded on your device?

"For beginners and long-time Magic lovers alike! The newest way to play brings formats to players of all levels.
Did we mention you can unlock powerful decks right away? Earn rewards and go head-to-head against friends or other players! See you on the battlefield.

- Play Your Way: Bring your best to the battlefield with the power of Magic on mobile or desktop.
- Jump Right In: Get started with powerful decks and rewards just from playing.
- Meet Sparky! Learn the game with a quirky glowing orb AI who will teach you the tips and tricks." -WOC

Click the link below to learn more & download the app to your device:

Wizards of the Coast: MTG Arena


Updated: 1/1/2023