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MTG: Bulk Sale!

Bulk Sale!

Help us clear out space in our BOXES & BOXES of bulk!
Who knows what you'll find!

June 1st-8th (Sat-Sat)

Available Hours to Browse:
Monday-Friday: Open to Close
Saturday-Sunday: 4p to Close


Browse our sorted & unsorted bulk boxes for any cards that catch your eye!
We have bulk cards from a wide variety of sets. The oldest cards we know of are from Revised Edition (1994).
You'll find a mix of Lands, Tokens, Uncommons, Commons, and even some Rares and Mythics.

How it Works:
Please check in with BHG Staff before starting.
All browsers will open a tab (aka leave a card or ID with us)
Then we'll provide a 80-Card Deck Box for you to fill up with cards!*
Bulk boxes will be by the counter to check out or out on a few tables open for browsing.
While browsing, please help keep our sorted bulk boxes sorted!
All cards removed from a box must be returned to their correct box if not purchased.

Pay $5 per Deck-Box of cards (regardless of how many cards are inside)
Just like a "You-Pick" Berry farm, fill a box for a set price.
If you fill a whole box (~80+ cards), you'll be getting each card for only $.06!

Only picking 10 or less individual cards? No problem: $0.25 per card.

*We keep the deck boxes. At check out, all cards will be removed from the deck-box and placed into paper bags.


Contact us with questions! 
[email protected]


1) We are not buying or accepting CCG bulk.
2) You can not add your own bulk to the boxes/sale.
3) Pricing is non-negotiable & all purchases are final sale.


Updated: 5/28/24