Isle of Skye

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Age: 8+
Time: 60 mins
Players: 2-5

Part of growing your clan is to gather enough money in order to do so. In each round you are allowed to buy one landscape tile from one of the other players. The pricing of these tiles is secretly done beforehand. Setting a high price can yield a lot of money, but if nobody buys the tile, you have to pay the amount on your own! And it's not always clear which tiles a worth a lot and which not. This creates interesting choices and a tense gameplay for all. Additionally the goal of the game is to get the most victory points for your clan territory and not to be the richest (even though money is worth some victory points in the end). Planning ahead, strategy and snatching an opportunity in the right moment is key to success.

Isle of Sky uses 4 victory point conditions per game, and comes with 16 different conditions to choose from, which creates a wide variability and lets players adapt their strategies for every new game!

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