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February 2023 Staff Picks!

  • Posted on
  • By Wes | he/him
  • Posted in Staff Picks

Curious as to what the BHG staff are loving this month? Here are this month's "hearted" staff picks.

Every month BHG staff pick out 1-2 of their favorite games to share! We strive to highlight a diverse range of tabletop games!

What would be your top pick this month?

Josh's Pick

Capstone Games Beer & Bread

Beer & Bread - Farming Theme, Drafting Game, Card Game

Beer & Bread is a multi-use card game for two players. Its clever structure of alternating rounds puts a fascinating twist on player interaction, card drafting, and resource management.

Founded on the fruitful lands of an erstwhile monastery, two villages have held up the dual tradition of brewing beer and baking bread. While sharing fields and resources, they still find pride in their friendly rivalry of besting each other’s produce.

Each of you represents one of these villages. Over the course of six years - which alternate between fruitful and dry - you must harmonize your duties of harvesting and storing resources, producing beer and bread, selling them for coins and upgrading your facilities.

However, in order to win, you must maintain the balance between your baked and liquid goods. Because, after the sixth year, you only score the coins collected from the type of good - beer or bread - for which you earned less. The village with the higher score wins. -description by distributor

Kyndra's Pick

Alderac (AEG) Cat Lady

Cat Lady - Animal Theme, Family Game, Set Collection, Drafting, Card Game

The Purrfect Game For Cat Lovers and Gamers alike!

Collect food, toys, and even costumes to please your growing family of cats.

Players are cat ladies, part of an elite group of people including Marie Antoinette and Ernest Hemingway. During the game, you and your fellow cat ladies will draft cards three at a time, collecting toys, food, catnip, costumes, and of course lovable cats. But watch out! Make sure you have enough food for all of your feline friends or your hungry cats will subtract points from your score. The player with the highest total victory points wins the game!

Jeff's Pick

Starling Games Everdell 3rd Ed

Everdell - City Building, Animal Theme, Fantasy, Set Collection, Drafting, Worker Placement, Strategy Game

From Everfrost to Bellsong, many a peaceful year have passed in Everdell — but the time has come for new territories to be settled and new cities to be established. You will be the head of a group of critters intent on just such a task. There are buildings to construct, lively characters to meet, events to host— you will have a busy year ahead of you! Will the sun shine brightest on your city before the winter moon rises? -description by distributor


Soby's Pick

Renegade Game Studios Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game

Gudetama - Food Theme, Trick-Taking, Card Game

Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game is a trick-taking game for 2-7 players in which the goal is to avoid winning the final trick! Take as many cards as you want, but don't get scrambled on the last card!

The player who wins the final trick scores points equal to their card that won the trick — and you do not want points. The game is played over the course of several rounds, where each round consists of seven tricks.

Aidan's Pick

Arcane Wonders Furnace

Furnace - Economic, Drafting, Auction/Bidding, Engine-Building, Strategy Game

19th century capitalists manipulate the market and manage their industrial empires.

Furnace is an engine-building Eurogame in which players take on the roles of 19th-century capitalists building their industrial corporations and aspiring to make as much money as they can by purchasing companies, extracting resources, and processing them in the best combinations possible. -description by distributor

Wes' Pick

Asmodee Glasgow

Glasgow - City Building, Variable Set-up, Tile Laying, Rondel, 2 Player, Strategy Game

In Glasgow, players travel the city (in an abstract manner) to collect resources, take special actions, and most important of all construct buildings. Build a factory, and you'll receive more goods from it when other buildings are constructed in the right areas in relation to it; build a train station, and you may or may not score from it depending on what else you build; build a monument, and you'll merely collect a lot of points — and in the end, points are what matters.

Sophi's Pick

Boba Biz Sabobatage: Matcha Exp

Sabobatage Matcha - Food/Drink Theme, Take That, Hand Management, Card Game, Expansion

Sabobatage is a fast casual, strategtic tabletop card game where each player is a boba shop owner. Complete with your friends and family to be the Best Boba Shop in town. The first player to create 5 drink sets wins!

Sabobatage Expansion Pack: Legends of Matcha (LoM) allows up to 7 players. Introduces a completely new game mechanic that allows for more complex strategy in game. New ingredient cards, flavors, and action cards were carefully curated to help keep the speed of the game and maintain a healthy balance for 2-7 players! -description by publisher

Brendan's Pick

Mega Mint Games A Royal Will

A Royal Will - Fantasy Theme, Sci-Fi Theme, Auction/Bidding, Push Your Luck, Local Designer, Card Game

Death, woe, tragedy... and Opportunity?

"Euphoria, once the peaceful center of the Andromeda galaxy, a crossroad for kingdoms and solardoms, has plummeted into treachery and chaos.

With the unexplained deaths of its royal family, assets that can buy nebulas are up for grabs, and everyone has a tactic to try to alter the wills in their favor…”

A royal game of galactic greed. Form strategic character pairings using just 2 cards to win The Wills. One character acts to disrupt the Inheritance, the other steals the wealth. There’s a craft to high-stakes thievery: greed will leave your pockets empty, but caution will profit your enemies. Play your cards right, and the wealth of Euphoria shall be yours! -description from the designer

Jordan's Pick

Race to the Treasure

Race To The Treasure - Cooperative, Fantasy Theme, Tile Placement, Route Building, Children's Game

The race is on! Can you beat the Ogre to the treasure? It's your job to make a path from START to the treasure and collect the three keys that will open the treasure's locks before the Ogre gets there. Strategize, cooperate, and build the path together. -description from