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Selling Used Games with Blue Highway!

  • Posted on
  • By Soby Haarman (She/Her)
  • Posted in FAQ, How-To

Do you have Used Games you would like to sell to us? Here's your comprehensive guide on our Used Game process!

Our Used Game section sets us apart from other game stores in the area, and we love being able to help previously loved games find new homes!

Have you recently cleaned out your closet or are looking to make room on the shelf for a new game? Consider selling us your games! This page serves as a comprehensive guide to our Used Game buying process. If you ever have questions about the process, you can feel free to contact our Used Game Buyer, Soby, at [email protected]!


Step 1: Making an Appointment

All of our used game purchasing starts off with an appointment! Because of limited storage space, as well as our staffing limitations, we only accept used game drop-offs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week. To set up an appointment, you can feel free to come to the store in person, call us at 206-282-0540, or email us at [email protected]. There are a few pieces of information that we'll ask you to have handy to make the appointment process smooth: 

1. Your name (or the name of whoever will be dropping the games off)

2. Your phone number and email address (our buyer does most communication through email, but we like to have two points of contact)

3. How many games do you plan on bringing? (we only take a total of 20 games per appointment day, so knowing how many games you want to bring in helps us find the soonest appointment date for you!)

Once all of that information has been confirmed, your appointment will be all set! There is no specific time for you to come in on your appointment day. Instead, you will be free to come by anytime during our store hours: 10 am-8 pm Sunday - Thursday, 10 am-11 pm Friday & Saturday. Feel free to call the store or check our website to confirm store hours for your drop-off day!


Step 2: The List

Once your appointment has been made, you won't need to do anything else until about a week before your appointment. You will receive an email from our game buyer the Friday before your appointment asking you to provide a list of the games you plan on bringing. This allows us to look through it and determine if you plan on bringing any games that we know we wouldn't accept, saving us both time. Sending in the list makes the whole process much smoother and can help you receive your final offer even quicker.

While not necessary, there are a few pieces of information that help us out when sending your list: 

1. Are you bringing expansions? If so, are they in separate boxes or included in the base game box?

2. Are any of your games still sealed? If so, please notate that they are "New in Shrink" (NIS). 

3. Are any of your games from Kickstarter, and therefore include Kickstarter goodies? It makes pricing estimates much easier if you let us know which pledge level your game is from. 

The sooner you can send us your list, the better! Our buyer is able to respond to emails M-F, so emails sent over the weekend won't be seen until the following Monday. Your appointment will still be valid even if you don't send a list, however, we won't be able to guarantee that all of your games will be accepted, and you may have to make a second trip to pick up any titles we chose not to take. 


Step 3: The Drop-Off

Your appointment day is here! You will be free to come by anytime during our store hours on your appointment day (see FAQ #1). Once you come to the store, tell the associate at the counter that you are dropping off used games. They will then confirm your name and contact information and, if necessary, help you carry the games upstairs to our loft area. If you bring your games in personal bags or boxes for carrying please take them back with you. We do not have the space to store these items and prefer to ensure that your property makes it back home with you. The associate will answer any questions you have that day, and then you are free to leave.


Step 4: Processing & The Offer

Once your games have been dropped off, our buyer will begin processing your order. This includes grading and checking the condition of each game, as well as performing some market research to determine the overall value of the game. Please note that we do not use eBay pricing in our pricing algorithm as it is often too varied and unregulated. Once we determine how much we would be able to sell your games for, we will send you an offer where you can choose between cash or store credit. 

This whole process takes a few days and up to a week. If the process looks as though it will take any longer, our buyer will be in contact with you to let you know. 

Once you have made a decision, respond to your initial offer email telling the card buyer which option you would like. We need time to make your payment accessible, so you will be unable to retrieve your payment until you have received confirmation from us that it is ready.

After your initial offer email, we will give you three days to respond. If we haven't heard from you after those three days we will send you a second reminder. If we still haven't heard from you three days after your second reminder, we will issue a final reminder. If we still haven't heard from you three days after your final reminder, we will issue you store credit and make your games available to sell

Once you accept your offer and receive confirmation that your payment is ready, you're free to come and collect it! Cash payouts over $20 will be issued via check, and store credit offers will be attached to a store account with your name on it.


Our Used Game section is part of the unique experience we provide at Blue Highway. However, it is something we cannot continue without the help and support of our amazing customers. If you ever have questions about our Used Game process, feel free to reach out and we are more than happy to help you out.