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Welcome! Happy National Day of Unplugging!

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Welcome! Happy National Day of Unplugging!

Learn about the National Day of Unplugging & how BHG is celebrating!

Welcome to Blue Highway Games!

Unplug & Reconnect 


Happy National Day of Unplugging!
Friday, March 4th-Saturday, March 5th


What is the National Day of Unplugging?

"National Day of Unplugging is an awareness campaign that promotes a 24-hour respite from technology annually observed the first weekend in March. For more than a decade, schools, religious institutions and businesses have used our resources to inspire healthy life/tech balance within their communities. Participation is open to anyone who wishes to elevate human connection over digital engagement.

Join us by spending an hour or a full day away from technology on National Day of Unplugging, (sundown-to-sundown) March 4-5, 2022." - National Day of Unplugging website

National Day of Unplugging was created by the nonprofit, Unplug Collaborative. 

Learn More here: Unplug Collaborative


How is BHG celebrating?

With a Game Day & SALE!
Stop by BHG on Friday or Saturday (March 4th-5th) to participate!

Play a Game in our Play Space
Earn 20% OFF
Your In-Store Purchase!

We have an open community game play space in-store along with hundreds of games in our game library to choose from! Our play space is open during our store hours (unless reserved for one of our store events)!

Don't have someone to play a game with? No worries! In our library, we have multiple games with solo modes or you can join us for our weekly community game night called Friday Night Meet Up! 
Learn more here about Friday Night Game Night


Why does BHG love the National Day of Unplugging?

We believe tabletop games and puzzles are a WONDERFUL way to spend your time and there are so many benefits!

A few Big Benefits to playing games: promotes wholistic brain health, strengthens relationships, provides a fun challenge, gives your mind and eyes a rest from technology and screens, can teach younger minds great life lessons in a fun way, and can provide many hours of entertainment for all ages!


Published: 3/4/2022