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Mom & Pop Business Owners Day! - SALE

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Mom & Pop Business Owners Day! - SALE

National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day takes place on March 29th each year!
BHG is celebrating by hosting a multi-day mini sale of all games designed by local WA designers!

National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day

March 29th


Celebrate with BHG!


Little Bit of History:
This national holiday was started in 1963 by Rick and Margie Segel, whose parents owned a hat shop. Since 1963, our nation on March 23rd spends a day uplifting family-run small businesses and acknowledging the hard work that goes into owning one!
Learn More here:


BHG is celebrating small businesses
with a Mini-Sale!

All board games designed by Washington Local designers
will be on sale (10% Off) from Saturday 26th-Tuesday 29th
*In-Store Only*


BHG wants to highlight the many wonderful local designers in the Washington area.
The greater-Seattle area is a major hub for tabletop games, trading cards, role-playing games,
and more in the board gaming industry. 

Here are some locally designed games we have currently in-stock
that are ready to be discovered & added to your collection!

Truffle Shuffle
Lord of Waterdeep
Point Salad
Shuffle Grand Prix
Tumble Town
Smash Up
Abandon All Artichokes
Fantastic Factories
Betrayal at House on the Hill

This is not an encompassing list of all the local games we have carried and do carry regularly.
More local games are being added every year and some local games are in-between prints or sold out!


Published & Updated: 3/25/22