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BHG's Demo Day


Blue Highway LOVES to partner with and uplift game designers & others in the industry!
One of the best ways to do that is by hosting Demo Days in our event space with designers!
Washington State, especially the Greater Seattle Area is one of the nation's hot spots for board game design so we are very fortunate to have lots of local designers, artists, game companies, and others in the industry to highlight.

What could a Demo Day look like?
A Demo Day could look like designers teaching their games to event participants and community members, sharing about their experience in the game industry, promoting new games coming out soon, highlighting games they've worked on in the past, &/or providing meet & greet and signing opportunities for board game enthusiasts! 


Upcoming Events!

Demo Days w/Local Seattle Designers!
Stop by to chat with designers, have your games signed, and of course, learn the game! They are all very excited to share their new 2023 release with the community!

Demo Wicked & Wise with designer Fertessa Allyse!

Saturday, May 6th
5:00-9:00 PM

Weird Giraffe Games Wicked & Wise

Fertessa Allyse as also designed & worked on these exciting titles: Mansplaining (2023), Book of Villainy (2022), & A Googy Movie Game (2022)!

Wicked & Wise: 2-6 Players | 45-60 min | Age 8+
 "In Wicked & Wise, players are either the Dragons that are playing a trick taking game OR they're the Mouse that is allied with a particular Dragon that's helping to manipulate the trick taking game." - description by publisher
Learn More Here: Wicked & Wise

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Demo Two Degrees with designer Jeremy Tarpey!

Saturday, May 13th
1:30-4:00 PM

Jeremy Tarpey is new to the game design scene! We're excited for people to try out Two Degrees & meet Jeremy!

Two Degrees:
"Build a civilization that mitigates global temperature rise by growing forests, building wind farms and connecting your cities via high speed rail. You’ll also need to deal with natural disasters that will occur more frequently and become more disastrous. Don't let temperatures rise by two degrees!" - description by publisher
Learn More Here: Two Degrees


Past Demo Day/Meet & Greets

April 15th 2023
Demo Day: Hair of the Dog with local designer Alex Jerabek of Cherry Picked Games

March 18th 2023
Demo Day: Rebuilding Seattle with PNW game designer Quinn Brander!

October 28th 2022
Demo Day: Skull Canyon: Ski Fest with local board game designer Jason Klinke & out-of-state designers Kip Noschese

October 8th 2022
Demo Day: Far Away with the local board games designer Alex Jerabek of Cherry Picked Games

August 28th 2022
Demo Day/Release Event: Pirate Party with local game designer Marge Rosen
Event recap on our blog - here!

May 7th 2022
Demo Day: Rainbow Bunny Bop with the local board game designer Becky Young
Event recap on our blog - here!

March 19th 2022
Meet & Greet: with the local board game artist Beth Sobel
Event recap on our blog - here!


Updated: 3/31/23